White Skies, Grey Clouds and Black-Casted Shadows by Randy “Aloi” Solon

There is no trap so deadly as that which one sets upon oneself… and to steer away from that entrapment, Filipino artist Randy Solon has taken the courageous step to plunge into the dark side to draw inspirations for his fifth solo show.

In the show, aptly titled White Skies, Grey Clouds and Black-Casted Shadows, Randy has cleverly used simple and non-evasive images to challenge our emotive heart and rational mind to evaluate our desires and perceptions.

The beauty in Randy’s works truly lies in its paradox. At first glance, each painting seems to depict a one-dimensional, well-painted image, but the heart and soul of the artwork really lies in the title of the painting.

In this show, Randy hopes we could look beyond the scabs of oil paint and skin of primed canvases to enjoy the beauty of the thought process breathed into the conceptualization of each artwork.

The solo show runs at Utterly Art from 28 July to 7 August 2011. For more information, photos of works click here. Image above is taken from Utterly Art website from the link as well.

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