Young Together / Together Young

One of the most memorable show in 2011 is  Young Together Together Young
which runs from 30 june to 5 July at the Objectifs gallery. It showcases works by Avelyn Aiko, Alex Thebez, Nel Lim, Michael Fivis, Peter Marquez and Elizabeth Renstorm.

And Then She Broke My Heart, series of photographs by Peter Marquez

Experience in Context, series of photographs by Nel Lim

The MiFi Project, a series of animated GIF files by Michael Fivis (best best best work of the year award, if there’s any, should go to this!) The photos don’t do justice but check out Fivis’ webbie here

Angel Blue/ Lisa Frank Blues, series of photographs by Elizabeth Renstorm

Feelings and Similar Items, series of photographs by Alexander Thebez

Untitled, installation of photographs and texts by Avelyn Aiko

More about this showcase, well, do check out their facebook event page here.

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