Etiquette II: on getting down and dirty

Some snapshots from the visual art exhibition! It runs from 3-28 August 2011 at the Substation Gallery.

The Language of Flowers, a board game by Shubigi Rao

Torture Garden, performance by Lynn Lu

Clothes, Like Breadcrumps, oil on canvas by Tania De Rozario

Untitled, sugar installation by Hilary Schwartz

Untitled (Plate1-5), drawings on porcelain plates by Hazel Lim

Untitled, a series of photographs by Nurul H.

Rosalin, series of old photos by Navitha Edmund

In The Raw, series of family portraits by Geraldine Kang

An Inner Thought; An Outer Frame, a series of etching by Chong Wei Xin

Of Light Days and Heavy Days, installation by POPIN

Clit-o-ris, book by Upasna Pandey and Ipshita Takur

If You imagine My Dear That is Going to Last Forever The Season of Love, You Got It All Wrong, video by Andree Welscher

More information at Etiquette’s official website here.

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