Dali; Mind of a Genius

Enter the surreal mind of Salvador Dalí, one of the 20th century’s best-known artists and the most iconic figure of the surrealist movement. Explore over 250 artworks which highlight the creativeness of Dalí across different mediums, including bronze sculptures, rare graphics, furniture, gold jewelry and crystal pieces in three themed areas – Femininity and Sensuality, Religion and Mythology, Dreams and Fantasy. Highlights include Dance of Time I (Dalí’s famous representation of melted clocks), Woman Aflame (sculpture uniting two of Dalí’s obsessions – drawers and fire), Spellbound (a huge painting featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie of the same name) and the Mae West Lips Sofa (inspired by actress Mae West’s sensual lips).

The exhibition runs from 14 May to 30 October 2011 at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. For more information of this exhibition, including the image and excerpt above click here and here, both are pdf files.

It was definitely great to bring in the Dali show (though most, if not all of the works are of edition) but what is most intriguing, the amount of sexually-charged or sex-themed works that are included in the exhibition. Take a look at RAP’s snapshots from the show.

And we think that the last snapshot is the most interesting of all.

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