Singapore International Film Festival

This year, SIFF is screening a couple of ‘rejected’ films, and we mean those that involve themes that may not be of comfort to other people, among them is sexual minorities and sexual themes in general. Apart from the local films by Boo JunFeng, Loo Zhihan and Royston Tan (which i think we have gotten quite enough, but we will be covering that on a different post), check out the lists of queer films in this year’s festival!

Rent Boys by Rosa van Praunheim (Germany)
The film is about male prostitutes in Germany, of course not something that is foreign here as well. Unfortunately the film is SOLD OUT (surprisingly) and will be screened on 24 September at LIDO.
More about it here.

The Outsiders by Madhav Mathur (India)
The film, which is more like a docudrama tells the story of five people in Singapore, including a gay Indian couple dealing with various issues, including sexuality, job and of course, the state of being outsiders. The film will be screened on 25 September at LIDO.
More about it here.

Red Light Revolution by Sam Voutas (China)
Setting up a sex shop in China. Hmm, a while back we just posted about Macau Sex Fair. Sex is in the air. Anyway, by the time we post this, the opening film of the festival has already been screened on 15 September at LIDO.
More about it here.

More and more films at this year SIFF and check them out at its website here.

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