Closing on our 4 days Stockholm short coverage, we are proud to announce that:

RAP will be making its debut art fair at SUPERMARKET 2012, an independent art fair for artists-run galleries and initiatives at Kulturhuset Stockholm, Sweden. The fair will take place from 17-19 February 2012.

Our proposal “Merlion as Queer Symbol” was chosen to be part of the highly anticipated cultural event in Stockholm which will feature works that explore local narratives in relation to queer culture.

As a non-profit initiative and project, RAP does not have the revenue to go. While waiting for grants, we would like to open up a donation section to aid us financially to present our project in Stockholm. We’ll update soon regarding this column.

Participating artists are Catherine Erica Cheok, Daniela Beltrani, Dey Irfan Adianto, Ezzam Rahman, Justin Lee, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Lee Gwo Yinn, Marla Bendini and Wesley Leon Aroozoo.

More information will be available soon!

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