GAGASMICISM by Pan Pan Narkprasert

I did not manage to catch this show by young Thai artist, Pan Pan Narkprasert but have spent a lot of time googling about this show and him. I would say one word: GAGAMAZING.

The exhibition includes photographs, sculptures and installation which seems to be presented as a religious cult to the pop-icon Lady Gaga. Snapshots of the show itself is a little difficult to find but you can see some here.

There are also writings of the show which you can find here, written by Pan’s sister and another by Bangkok Post here. And to add about Bangkok Post, to have an article on queer art is simply terrific. It is not written as a controversial piece of news, and I think Straits Time has a long way to go.

And about the performance down here!

Thank you so much for bringing this show. I am not particularly aware of what exactly Thai’s perception towards queer art and its scene there, but personally it means so much to me that there are shows like this within South East Asia in particular 🙂

Do check out the AOW! for this week and Pan has also a number of nice works on his website, which you can check it out here.

Gagasmicism runs from Sunday, September 11  to October 11 at BKK Art House, Bangkok, Thailand. Check out its facebook event page here.

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