A Language of Longing by Tania de Rozario

Whether for love, home, meaning or change, how does one identify, express or archive longing? In this exhibition, Tania De Rozario presents oil paintings, ink/pencil drawings as well as a text installation, inspired by relationships with former lovers as well as the emotional, physical and sexual bonds between women. Through depictions of body, gesture, language and personal belongings, she hopes to create work that audiences enter through their own personal recollections. Each work an act of longing in itself, and a love story that attempts to give meaning to that which has been lost, she believes that creating common emotional ground through art facilitates conversations about sex, gender and sexual orientation that start from a point of commonality instead of difference.

taken from facebook event page here.

Tania de Rozario recently had her first solo show titled A Language of Longing. We managed to catch the show and here are some snapshots!

A Langue of Longing runs from Thursday, October 6 to October 16 at The Substation gallery.

More about it here and check out a poem by Tania here.

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