Pink Mango TV

While googling for news about Pan Pan Narkprasert and his latest solo show, Gagasmicism, I found this!

And I went on speechless for couple of seconds before WHATTTT? a queer TV channel in Thailand????

So there I went on in the virtual library of google. Here’s what I found:

Pink Mango TV is a gay-genre television channel by Cyberfish Media Co. Ltd which was released not long ago on 12 June 2010.

And links to find out more:
Facebook page here.
Youtube channel here (and it has over 400 videos!)
Official website here.
Twitter here.

I am just speechless. I regret for not taking my Thai class in school seriously now 😦 But anyway, it just adds to the Thai’s queer culture! It’s not just clubbing and prostitution and sex shows, but even visual art and television channel have components of queer culture in them. 🙂

And I found this as well , looks like an archive of some episodes. I’m not sure if it is still airing today, so if you have any updates, type them out below at the comment box!

Signing out!

One response to “Pink Mango TV

  1. “Hunk House” was a series Cyberfish did (I’m managing director)for gay men on how to manage the various issues involving relationships. We had a contract with an NGO to do it and we produced about 8 episodes (I can’t quite remember the exact number). They’re freely available on YouTube and were also aired on our weekly Pink Mango TV show. Thanks for your kind comments, Paul

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