Thai Transgender HIV/AIDS Animation Video

Based on the interview data of a significant transgender population in Chiang Mai, Mplus+ decided to produce an animation that empowers transgender individuals to negotiate condom use with their partners. This animation was piloted with the target population and the feedback was positive. More importantly, as an animation that is made exclusively for transgenders, the narrative itself resonates with transgenders lifeworlds and provides a catalyst for informed discussion in Mplus+s outreach to this population that goes beyond simply advocating condom use. It is about raising awareness and self esteem.

Primary project team members include: (1) Mr. Pad Thepsai (Outreach Manager: Mplus+,; (2) Dr. Christopher Walsh (Senior Lecturer The Open University,; (2) Dr. Peeranuch Jantarakupt (Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies: McCormick Faculty of Nursing, Payap University,; and On-Anong Thammajinda (Lecturer: McCormick Faculty of Nursing, Payap University,

Animation by Red Sheep Studio (อนุชา หม่องเชย

Check out its Youtube link here.

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