ICAS Trispace Double Bill : Woman, Body, Fetish by Ava Tan

Ava Tan engages in the subject of women and fetishisation of their bodies. She moulds the body of a woman into a ridiculous homonculus of an over-sexed feminity that is ubiquitous across our landscape of contemporary society. Reduced to her archetypal erogenous centers, the female body remains liant and yielding as the paint that forms her skin, frozen in a moment of imagined perfection. She too is entirely aware of her own commodification and the demand that seems almost outside of her control. The objectification of her body becomes a powerful image and tool that overwhelms even herself.

With her first Trispace exhibit, Ava continues her explorations of pornography and those who trade in sex as a reflection upon her own experience in modern life. She sees it as a constant struggle between the will to maintain one’s identity and expectations borne out of survival and instinct.

taken from ICAS Guide, August-September 2011

Exhibitions runs from 29 September to 19 October 2011.

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