Short Circuit 05

And the films are:

KRISTY | Marcia Ong | 7” | English
A little girl who is in love with her favorite T-shirt is locked in a battle of wills with her
mother, who wishes she would start wearing dresses.



SOMEDAY MY PRINCE WILL COME | Ezzam Rahman | 6” | No Dialogue
“Good things come to those who wait” – it is about what lies around the corner, the
anticipation of it all, the yearning for something to happen. If only we knew when.



LABOUR DAY | He Shuming | 23” | Mandarin, Malay and English (With English subtitles)
Cik visits her old flat to collect rent from two foreign worker tenants – Zoe, a Malaysian-
Chinese who dreams of being a star, and Purple, a study-mama from China who is
hiding a secret from her son. Trailer here.



SISTERS | Lincoln Chia | 9” | English and Mandarin (With English subtitles)
The Chinese custom for bridesmaids, or “sisters”, to playfully impede a groom’s
progress on the morning of the wedding, as he arrives at the home of the bride to fetch
her, takes on a dark, poignant twist.



TRANSIT | Regina Tan | 10” | Malay (with English Subtitles)
Sri, an aspiring dancer, reflects on her difficult circumstances as she seeks to embrace a
selfhood that our society marginalizes and makes moral judgments on.



THIN AIR | Kirsten Tan | 12” | English
A whimsical tale chronicling the final days of Hector, a wheelchair-bound old man who
is occupied with fishing – from the rooftop of an apartment building in New York City.



SWING | Leon Cheo | 6” | English
A few weeks after Wei Long and Daniel have broken up, Daniel asks Wei Long to meet
him one more time.



CHANCRE  | Loo Zihan | 17” | English
Chancre – a painless ulceration formed at the onset of syphilis; a transmutation of a
memory couched in shame. Film includes text excerpts from Paul Gauguin’s The
Writings of a Savage and Walter William Skeat’s Malay Magic.
Excerpt here (note: graphic content).


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