Portraits of Defacement

The image of The Perfect Genitalia has been omnipresent with the ascendance of cosmetic surgery (and its profits), marketing (and its effectiveness), and the visibility of mainstream porn (and its quest for knowledge). With this exhibition, we aim to question: is there a “perfect vulva?”, a “perfect penis”? Who owns it? What about when it comes to intersex and gender-diverse people?

In this exhibition, we have asked artists to make a portrait of their own genitalia to reflect on their relationship with their genitals. Artists were asked to pay special attention to the reason for choosing a particular medium to present their works. Through these, we wish to elucidate the politics of representations and hopefully, deconstruct the image of The Perfect Genitalia, challenge societal and cultural constructs around human genitalia, as well as to create healthy dialogue about the issues.

We invite you to this private affair while we share our intimate bits, and contemplate the structures that shape our relationship with genitals.


// Artists //

Kelvin Atmadibrata

Marla Bendini

Ellie Hannon

Leah Kanan

Adeline Kueh

Gwo Yinn Lee

Leinaala Mitchell

Cher Tan


// Opening Reception //
12th April
7- 11pm

Performances by Jacquelyn Soo, Marla Bendini, and Stephanie Dogfoot.

Entry is free, but donations are always welcome.

After the opening, gallery visits are by appointment only. Contact Vanessa at +65 91254467 to schedule a viewing.

This is a collaboration between Eros Coaching and SlutWalk Singapore.
Curated by Vanessa Ho; Co-Curated by Cher Tan

Check out the facebook event page here.

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