AOW! 2011

The list has gone quite a length so we will be compiling the 2011 Art of the Week lists in this post! 🙂

If you want to be featured here, please let us know at

February 2011 week 2 – Men and Acorns by Kelvin Atmadibrata
February 2011 week3 – The Blue Sheet by Lee Gwo Yinn
February 2011 week4 – Batman#3 by Thatree Suksilapachai
February 2011 week5 – “I Strip for your Pleasure” said the Anonymous Star by Ezzam Rahman
March 2011 week1 – My Hair #4 by Chaydanai Siriwong
March 2011 week2 – My Nakedness by Malisa Suchanya
March 2011 week3 – drawing by Peenut Kew Lee
March 2011 week.4 – Nude by Andrew Robert Ng
April 2011 week.1 – Troopers Need Love Too … by Darren Sim
April 2011 week.2 – Go Go Pandaman by Matthew Mok
April 2011 week.3 – Surrogate N°1 by Marla Bendini
April 2011 week.4 – Some Days aI Just Want to be Blue by Aiman Hakim
May 2011 week.1 – drawing by Bryan Tan
May 2011 week.2 – Redemption by Marcus Mok
May 2011 week.3 – Ice Still Love You by Jerome Kugan
May 2011 week.4 – Repent or Die: The Last Communist Lover by Pang Khee Teik
June 2011 week.1 – Swedish Guy and Thai Rentboy by Chris Coles
June 2011 week.2 – poster by Otto Fong
June 2011 week.3 – Juz 4 U by Jun Kit
June 2011 week.4 – At Hong Lim Park by Dey Irfan Adianto
June 2011 week.5 – F(.)(.)D by Koh Wei Ling
July 2011 week.1 – 1992 Holland by Navitha Edmond
July 2011 week.2 – Stud House by Michael Lee Hong Hwee
July 2011 week.3 – To the sugar mines /\ אל מכרות הסוכר by Yoash Foldesh
July 2011 week.4 – Skin by Shieko
August 2011 week.1 – Vanitas by Guo Yixiu
August 2011 week.2 – Cinta Brengsek 2: Lelaki Monster by Iman Budi Santosa
August 2011 week.3 – Dollhouse by Sarah Choo
August 2011 week.4 – Their Jocular Laughter by Nicholas Chai
August 2011 week.5 – Raised As A Pack Of Wolves by Genevieve Chua
September 2011 week.1 – The Hairy Virgin by Andrée Weschler
September 2011 week.2 – Eros by Foon Foono
September 2011 week.3 – Gold Dust by Aubrey Edwards
September 2011 week.4 – untitled by K.I
October 2011 week.1 – 金色銀色河童色 (Gold Kappa) by 稲垣 征次
October 2011 week.2 – unknown title by Sara Roitman
October 2011 week.3 – Gigantic by Otto Fong
October 2011 week.4 – Clothes, like Breadcrumbs by Tania de Rozario
October 2011 week.5 – Fucking the Reemus Homunculus by Pan Pan Narkprasert
November 2011 week.1 – Untitled by Lester Lai
November 2011 week.2 – Sailor Boi by Jane Porter
November 2011 week.3 – Confidences Trop Intimes by Ayano Hattori
November 2011 week.4 – Day 24 – a Skype performance from Amsterdam to Brisbane by Grace Jean
December 2011 week.1 – Trapped by Daniela Beltrani
December 2011 week.2 – In the Raw by Geraldine Kang
December 2011 week.3 – Pleasure Spectrum by Li-Cassidy Peet
December 2011 week.4 – untitled(accostment) by Chath Piersath

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