As you might have heard, RAP went to Stockholm, Sweden for Stockholm Independent Art Fair called SUPERMARKET. We flew without any public grant (as it was sadly rejected) but with the kind help of people who supported us during the fund-raising, BUY OUT at Utterly, we would like to thank you!

And also we were partially funded by Riksutställningar / Swedish Exhibition Agency. At the end of the fair, four works by Marla Bendini were donated for the agency. We’d like to thank you again for the opportunity.

RAP brought in Singapore-based artists like Marla Bendini, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Lee Gwo Yinn, Ezzam Rahman, Daniela Beltrani, Wesley Leon Arroozoo, Justin Lee and Teow Yue Han as we collaborated with Swedish-based artists, Elinore Linden Strand and Jes Brinch.

The team was called Queer Creatures, featuring works by queer and non-queer artists dealing with the subject of peculiarity. The subject became more specific with the relation of our origin, Singapore when the portrayal of the Merlion as a weird animal came into play.

The first day of the fair, RAP presented three of its associate artists, namely Marla Bendini, Lee Gwo Yinn and Kelvin Atmadibrata, accompanied with Jes Brinch and Elinore Linden Strand’s works.

Queer Creatures happened in Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden from 17-19 February 2012.

Check out some snapshots from our booth:

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