Malaysia and her queer culture (from the ban towards Seksualiti Merdeka to Bersih)

November 2011 – Malaysian police issued a ban on Seksualiti Merdeka, an arts and cultural festival in support of sexual diversities. Check out the article from Seksualiti Merdeka website itself here.

December 2011 – A Malaysian man married his Irish partner in Ireland sparked fury at home, article here.

March/April 2012 – RAMAI JADI GAY (A lot turns gay) becomes the headline of the national paper, click here. 3 out of 10 Malaysians are gay? here. A group of ‘effeminate’ boys were sent for anti-gay camp, check out the article here and here. And campaign to curb homosexuality? here. Another article here and more rubbish coming up here. International media seemed to pick it up too, here.

April 2012 – No ‘pondans’ allowed on TV in Malaysia, well, of course, check it out here.

And this is when the politic comes in, here and also here.

Enough of the disturbing news, on the brighter side we have this here.

Back to the recent news on LGBT education here.

It has been a number of links, but we have not mentioned Bersih. Bersih is a peaceful demonstration demanding for revamp towards polling system in Malaysia. General election is to be predicted in a few months time. It has become an activism platform not only for the sexual minorities but also political activists and the general public. Check out more about it on its website here.

So what’s happening in Malaysia regarding the sexual minorities can be seen as a political tactic for the current government to hold power after the next election. It is a speculation of course, and we are not in any position to assume such.

However, do read up on Seksualiti Merdeka website here and its facebook page here. It is an important year for Malaysians, any future updates, we’ll post it up.

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