Loo Zihan and Cane

On 19 February 2012, Loo Zihan, a Singaporean artist and film director re-enacted Brother Cane, an infamous performance piece by Josef Ng, in which the minor part of pubic hair trimming resulted in a decade ban on public funding towards performance art. Loo presented his version of the piece, titled Cane, originally performed in Chicago and re-developed the piece for M1 Singapore Fringe 2012, under the theme, Art and Faith. The piece was commissioned by the festival which was directed by the Necessary Stage.

Check out the video documentation of the performance in Loo’s website here. And the documentation of the 2011’s edition of the piece is also here. Image above is taken from Loo’s website.

There has been a lot of discussion and exchanges pre and post presentation of this piece. We will try to list every single one of them below.
1. newspaper review from M1 Fringe facebook here.
2. Chronology of a controversy by Lee Weng Choy here.
3. performance script here.
4. Mayo Martin’s review pre, pre and post.
5. more reviews from M1 Fringe facebook here and here.
6. Josef Ng’s Brother Cane here.


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