2012-2013 for RAP

So, recently we saw Otto Fong posted some publications on 1992’s Another Tribe. It is a Manadarin play that was first given the R(A) rating.

More about it here.

We will write more about this but would like to take this opportunity to reveal next season’s theme.

From September 2011 after our annual R(A) show (titled Rooftop Access in 2010 and RetreAttack! in 2011), we have worked within the generic theme of ‘where got queer culture’. So in the upcoming September (after a whole month of August filled with our R(A) shows, yes, plural!) we will be looking specifically at history.

Our new tagline will be .rap (dot rap, you know like .rar archive files) as we will attempt to document even further the history of queer culture, not only in Singapore and South East Asia but in general.

Putting that aside, do drop by our annual R(A) vol.3 show (unofficially titled Rapid Attention) in which this year will be:
1. a solo show by Lee Gwo Yinn, Pillow Talk
2. a group show, second part of Some Nights Need An Introduction

Yep, if you have not realized, there is a lot of bedroom and dreaming and REM sleeping this coming August, so do check out our What’s On page here.

If you would like to present something for our R(A) vol.3 events, please let us know! We still have space for Some Nights Need An Introduction show! 🙂 You know our email at rainbowartsproject@gmail.com

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