Our Very Own Stories

Our Very Own Stories

Our Very Own Stories showcases Singaporean LGBT stories and photographs of struggles and triumph against the challenges of self-worth, self-image, discrimination and bullying. A collaboration between community photographers the exhibition seeks to inspire hope in youths to show them a future beyond the adversities that they face today.

Initiated by Nicholas Deroose, Our Very Own Stories features stories (duh), but honest and result of experiences of LGBT people in Singapore. Interested individuals are to contact the organizers and together with photographers involved, Nicholas himself, Kenn Lim, Mike Ang, Jamie Chan, Victor Lim and Gary Lim, the two parties will create the photograph.

Exhibition ran from 24 August t0 7 September 2012 as part of Indignation8 at

Facebook event here. Fridae’s coverage here and another site’s take on it here.

Snapshots below!

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