RAP for August 2012 : Singapore Gay Pride Season

Unlike the previous two years, RAP was not actively involved in 2012 Indignation festival. However, August is still the pride month for the project and check out the documentations of queer works presentation organized by RAP.

Although not actively reinforced, RAP’s annual August Pride Month exhibitions taking the acronym of RA. The first in 2010 being Rooftop Access and 2011, RetreAttack. In 2012, RA extends to RAM Sleep, taking the theme of dream as the main subject.

Our first presentation started in August 1 to 15 with RAP? first project by Lee Gwo Yinn titled Pillow Talk. It was held at The Pigeonhole. Documentation of the show here and the blog links here.

RAM Sleep continued on 17 August to 31 with Some Nights Need (An Introduction) part.2 which featured works by Chan Guang Hui, Dorian Wood, Hema Lata, Jacquelyn Soo/Billy Soh, Li Cassidy-Peet, Marla Bendini, Tania de Rozario and Vincent Chow. It was held in SCYA Studio at Goodman Arts Center. Documentation of the show here and here.

In addition to that we also had performance nights in the exhibition space which happened on 18 and 25 August featured works by Vincent Chow, Li Cassidy-Peet, Marla Bendini, Muhammad Khairul, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Benjamin Ho and Terry Wee. Documentation here and here.


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