AOW! 2012

The second time we completed a year round of queer artworks! We exist and we are still unearthing many other artists dealing with queer subjects! Do keep a look out.

January 2012 week.1 – Inflatable Love by Iskander Walen
January 2012 week.2 – Untitled2 by Tsuneki Hirai
January 2012 week.3 – Untitled by Futa Mikami
January 2012 week.4 – Untitled by Makoto Kai
February 2012 week.1 – Boy and Apple by Kitti Narod
February 2012 week.2 – Temptations of Pride by Eric Chan
February 2012 week.3 – 100 year carpenter in Kenji (era) by Chakkirt Chimnok
February 2012 week.4 – My Brother by Chan Wai Teik
March 2012 week.1 – White Chocolate by Elinore Linden Strand
March 2012 week.2 – The Face of God by Jes Brinch
March 2012 week.3 – Ruby by Elisha Lim
March 2012 week.4 –  Starchild’s Power by Roy Tan
April 2012 week.1 –  Shauna by Shaun Lee
April 2012 week.2 –  Bukit Batok vol.1: the Boys by Matthew Teo
April 2012 week.3 – Chancre by Loo Zhihan
April 2012 week.4 – Fag Gag by Brian Ho
May 2012 week.1 –  L.A. Zombie in S.G by Bruce LaBruce and Marla Bendini
May 2012 week.2 –  Flowers by David Chein
May 2012 week.3 –  Portraits of Possibilities by Jason Lee
May 2012 week.4 – Anemone by Faisal Husni
June 2012 week.1 – Alternative Avenue by Chan Guang Hui
June 2012 week.2 – Log of Charlie Ming by Cheryl Teo
June 2012 week.3 –  Physical Abstraction by Denise Yap
June 2012 week.4 –  Fearless; Gabrielle by Jeff Sheng
June 2012 week.5  – Lollipop by Eeshaun
July 2012 week.1 – untitled by Wang Xuejun
July 2012 week.2 – untitled by Lin Jinfu
July 2012 week.3 – untitled by Lin Yongfei
July 2012 week.4 – Butterfly Boy by Ling Xiafeng
August 2012 week.1 – The Rider, the Horse, the Land by Skyler Chen
August 2012 week.2 – untitled by Li Mingshun
August 2012 week.3 – Can’t Sleep by Tan Peng
August 2012 week.4 – Men of Sri Lanka by George Beven
August 2012 week.5 – Blue Sumos by Thang Sothea
September 2012 week.1 – Dust by Olivier Valsecchi
September 2012 week.2 – I Miss You Already: Untitled Self-portrait (Mason) by Shen Wei
September 2012 week.3 – Isarn Boi Soi 4 by Maitree Siriboon
September 2012 week.4 – Freedom by Ida Bagus Putu Purwa
October 2012 week.1 – Corpus 8 by Lou Ros
October 2012 week.2 – Sensing Obscurity II: Chinese Chipendales by Erika Tan
October 2012 week.3 – SCALA by Perception 3
October 2012 week.4 – Kastrationangst (The Virgin, the Mother, and the Crone) by Chand Chandramohan
November 2012 week.1 – Flare Puppets by Brian Gothong-tan
November 2012 week.2 – Self-Portraits; The Tudung Series by Farah Ong
November 2012 week.3 – Anniversary by Royston Tan
November 2012 week.4 – My Journey to me, in pictures and words by Tricia Leong
December 2012 week.1 – Pity by Naresh Subash
December 2012 week.2 – Untitled by Mariuo
December 2012 week.3 – Sheet Boat by Seiji Inagaki
December 2012 week.4 – Untitled by Kazumi Oribe

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