Queer Culture in Japan

Uploaded by Youtube user, hokkaidouniv.

—People in the video —-
Yuka Kanno, Graduate School of Letters, Hokkaido University

—-What is GiFT? —-
GiFT stands for Global Issues Forum for Tomorrow. It’s an event that was inaugurated in 2011 to mark the fifth anniversary of the Sustainability Weeks, which is an annual gathering we’ve hosted since 2007. The Sustainability Weeks is part of the Hokkaido University’s annual social contribution to help create a sustainable society.

GiFT is designed to guide undergraduate and master’s students in choosing a field of specialization and beginning full-fledged research so that they can engage in collaborative work to address global issues and rise to meet challenges together.

—-Theme in 2012 —
GiFT2012 will focus on global issues that must be tackled to achieve “Peace of Mind for All”.
Events that rob people of their peace of mind are constantly happening around the world. They include droughts, floods, earthquakes, disease, prejudice and conflict. We’re often overwhelmed by these global issues because they’re so diverse and intertwined, but this is no time for despair.

—- What is GiFT2012 —
GiFT2012 is held on the opening day of the Sustainability Weeks 2012 on October 6. Four young researchers will talk about recent research achievements in the fields of water, health, culture and food. They’ll also clarify key points in solutions to current and future challenges facing the world.

— Ownership —
The video was created in 2012 by Secretariat of Sustainability Weeks and was webcast for the first time at International Dialogue for a Sustainable Future 2012.

* Sustainability Weeks: http://www.sustain.hokudai.ac.jp/sw
* Facebook of Sustainability Weeks:http://www.facebook.com/SW.Hokkaido.u

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