STOMA by Agni Koothu; cancelled


A Catholic priest who was defrocked and removed from the ministry over sex abuse allegations is visited by an internet sex-chat contact.  Her visitation ignites an examination of his conscience and his past transgressions surface as reminiscences to purify his soul. He confesses his sins to seek redemption and when it is fulfilled, the  actual sex-chat contact walks in.

Well, apparently, Singapore’s Media Development Authority was not convinced. Agni Koothu (Theatre of Fire), who is also the director of the production received a letter of rejection for MDA rating few days before its supposed stage run on 17-19 January.

The piece was planned to be presented in The Substation theatre. Check out Subs’ page on STOMA here. Image above is from the link


And listing on Seelan Palay’s blog here. Image above is also from there.

A long bio on Elangovan, the Artistic Director of Agni Koothu (Theatre of Fire) here.


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