Queer History#7: Looking Through Siam

Thailand has been one of the most welcoming and tolerant country towards LGBT community in South East Asia. It is also one of the gay destinations for their annual Songkran circuit parties in April. But how far have they gone?

An article by Isabel Berwick here. A research report by Peter Jackson here on Performative Genders, Perverse Desires: A Bio-History of Thailand’s Same-Sex and Transgender Culture.

A review of Dear Uncle Go: Homosexuality in Thailand by Peter A. Jackson here. And also a journal by Jackson on Male Homosexuality and Transgenderism in the Thai Buddhist Tradition here.

A brief run-through of Silom 4, the gay street in Bangkok here. A website on gay culture in Thailand, or which seems to be more of a social web, but worth checking here.

Video on history of gay and lesbian in Thailand:

Uploaded by vimeo user, batsac. For more videos here.

Much on the contemporary news on LGBT rights in Thailand here.


*RAP’s posts on Queer History are expandable. There is so much we can find out hence if you have anything to add, please comment below or e-mail to us. Let the lists go on.

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