Queer History#8: The Vast Vietnam Beyond the War

Vietnam is often associated with the Vietnam War  (1959-1975) and gay history seems to have some roots from it as well. This also brings the close link between American gay history to Vietname due to both involvement during the war.

Image above is from here.

Vietnam and America
Check out this article on America, homosexuality and Vietnam war here. More on American news here. More and more Vietnam/America gay-related news here. A recent new regarding Vietnam gay marriage news on Vietnamese American here.

Outside Vietnam
About Gay Vietname Alliance began in 1991 here.
Gay Vietnamese lives in Sydney here.

Inside Vietnam and History
While the links above have less to do with history, check out this for more information regarding the past. And also a Vietnamese gay tour which discusses about early Vietnamese gay culture here. Travel wise, similar to the above link, here is more about Vietname gay trips here.

Regarding internal politic, what communism had to say about homosexuality here.

Contemporary Vietname
And of course, their first pride this year here. More news regarding their pride which touches slightly on their history here. A more recent look into LGBT rights in Vietname here and here. Vietnam’s first gay film, Lost in Paradise here.



*RAP’s posts on Queer History are expandable. There is so much we can find out hence if you have anything to add, please comment below or e-mail to us. Let the lists go on.

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