Queer History#9: The Khmer Pink Culture

Cambodia went through a great terror and genocide under Pol Pot for decades that it brought stagnant the development of the country. But today, Cambodia has recovered and building towards vibrant cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Tourists flocking in to see the Angkow Wat but how is the gay culture in Cambodia and what is their history?

Still Developing
An article about the development of gay culture in Cambodia by Patrick Wlnn here, by Roberto Primavera hereand by Terry McCoy here. Excerpt from Barbara Earth’s Transgender Identities in Phnom Penh here.   The King’s response towards gay marriage here.

Cambodia Today
A brief walkthrough of Cambodia’s contemporary gay scene here and here. A look into LGBT rights in Cambodia here. Cambodia’s Pride here.

A blog about gay asia, and one post about Cambodia’s gay scene here. A website on gay Cambodia here and here. The latter has a more diverse cultural references on gay scene too.

And lastly, Cambodia Out website here.


*RAP’s posts on Queer History are expandable. There is so much we can find out hence if you have anything to add, please comment below or e-mail to us. Let the lists go on.

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