Queer History#10: The Young Seed of Laos

It is relatively unknown about what is happening within the gay culture in Laos, despite their recent pride. These however, are still information gathered online while there is definitely a lot of ground work to be done. But for the time being, this is what we can gathered.

Gay Pride in Laos here.

An article about the silent gay scene in Laos by Ken Cameron here and responses to his article here.  Again, it is emphasized that it is still a very young scene, almost like it is the ‘history’ now, here. And more here.

Laos’ political stance on homosexuality and others here. LGBT rights in Laos here.

A round-up information on gay Laos here.


*RAP’s posts on Queer History are expandable. There is so much we can find out hence if you have anything to add, please comment below or e-mail to us. Let the lists go on.

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