OPEN: an open air instant exhibition

orchestrated by ART:UP, a Swedish queer gallery by Elinore Linden Strand. Our dear friend from Stockholm prepared an impromp-tu public queer exhibition involving Elinore herself, the two artists from RAP, Frida Isotalo and John Erlandsson.

It was in public, like public art. Basically Elinore decided to attack a popular space (not in winter though) for artists to ‘vandal’. It was a huge cement walls, or foot of a bridge that is usually used for graffiti in Hornstull area. Instead of spray paints on the wall though, we installed paintings, objects, photographs and performance.

544448_10152593226385651_340929769_n IMG_1981 IMG_4805 IMG_4810 IMG_4816 IMG_4842 IMG_4848 IMG_4854 IMG_4865 IMG_4876 IMG_4879 IMG_4893 IMG_4908

Check out the OPEN facebook event page here. More photos here. And like ART:UP facebook page here!

Elinore recently told us that the wall has become increasingly popular for street queer artists to just put up their works. Amazing! 🙂 Thank you!

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