SUPERMARKET 2013 day4 : SECRET LOVE and Burning Beauty

Secret Love, an exhibition of chinese artists presenting works that deal with gender, sexuality and LGBT issues. The exhibition was held in  Ostasiatiska Museum in Stockholm and curated by Si Han, a chinese curator residing in Stockholm.



The exhibition presented works by 27 Chinese artists who are:

Cheng Juanzi and Song Jianing
Chi Peng
Cui Zi’en
Fan Popo
Gao Brothers
Gao Yuan
Han Meichao
Jiang Qigu
Li Guangxin
Li Xiaofeng
Li Yongfei
Lin Jinfu
Lin Zhipeng
Ma Liuming
Mu Xi
Qiu Jiongjiong
Ren Hang
Shi Tou
Wang Zi
Wei Jiangang
Xie Qi
Yang Guowei
Zhang Yuan
Zheng Bo

Check out some images here and here.

A promotional video of the exhibition:

Uploaded by Youtube user, ostasiatiska

Do like Ostasiatiska Museet facebook page here.

Lastly, a video from ArtsFreedom with Si Han giving a short presentation about The Invisible Red Line: Manoeuvring Chinese Art Censorship here:

Uploaded by Youtube user, artsfreedom


Burning Beauty is a retrospective of David laChapelle’s works in his 30 years of career. The exhibition presented laChapelle’s iconic celebrity shots, gigantic photo collages, fils and music videos.

Style: "vvv"

The great thing about the show is that works which are rarely seen of laChapelle were part of the show which include huge photo collages. New works were also part of the giant showcase which occupies all two levels of Fotografiska. More about the exhibition here.

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