RAP?#3: tranSport: MADRID

Invitación Factoría_PRUEBAgrande copia copyEDIT


In June 2011 to December 2011, RAP did a research-based collaboration with [E+Y], a duo from Madrid whom we got to know during SUPERMARKET 2012. [E+Y] initiated the project which revolves around the theme of sport, to coincide with the olympics as well.

The process from Singapore was documented in RAP? blog here and it involves four artists, Marla Bendini, Malvina Tan, Lee Gwo Yinn and Kelvin Atmadibrata. Malvina also had the chance to fly to Madrid for her presentation.

Do check out our documentation below

Foto 01 Foto 02 Foto 05 Foto 09 Foto 17 Foto 24 Foto 26 Foto 31 Foto 40 Foto 48 Foto 64 Foto 72


This collaboration is supported by Singapore Internationale Foundation.


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