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 5 Fun Ways to Jack Off

  1. The Mushroom. The head of your penis is the most sensitive part of your penis. The mushroom method of jacking off involves using one hand to hold your penis, while you use the other to rub the head of your penis in a circular motion. You will cum a lot faster using this fun way to jack off because of the stimulation that you are providing to the head of your penis.

  2. Campfire Method. The campfire method is pretty straight forward, but you might want to use lubrication to avoid burning your penis. The campfire method, one of five fun ways to jack off, involves placing your penis between your hands and moving your hands back and forth. If you are having a hard time visualizing this fun way of jacking off, think of how you would rub two sticks together to start a fire.
  3. Interlocking Grip. For the interlocking grip method of jacking off, you will need to put your hands together and interlock your fingers. You will then place your interlocked hands over your penis and begin to move your hands up and down. This method causes a great amount of friction on your penis, so you will definitely want to use lubrication.
  4. Boxer Rub. If you are looking for a fun and easy way to jack off, the boxer rub is for you. You will need to leave your boxers on for this fun way of jacking off. The boxer run method involves using your knuckles to rub your penis in an up and down motion. If you’d like, you can use your other hand to grab your testicles while you are rubbing your penis.
  5. Wring It Out. The wring it out method of jerking off is the final fun way to jack off. This method is not for everyone, and lubrication is absolutely required. With the wring it out method of masturbating, you will use both of your hands to grab and twist your penis in a slow manner. To visualize this method better, think of how you would wring out a wet cloth.

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