Trial Watch#1: Alvivi


Alvin, 25, and Vivian, 24, had posted on Facebook a Ramadan greeting showing a photo of themselves eating what is believed to be ‘bak-kut-teh’, a herbal soup usually made with pork and which is a Chinese delicacy.

Pork is taboo to Muslims and the greeting, which the couple had said was meant as a joke and not to offend, create a huge uproar. Despite their apology, calls rang from irate Muslims to have the duo jailed.

The controversial sex bloggers from Malaysia (you can’t possibly forget them, but if you do here) are back on the newsflash after making a insensitive comments about the Muslim’s fasting month. Check out the news for a start here. We’ll keep updates on the trial of Alvin and Vivian.

“Yes, Muslims get very upset and angry when the non-Muslims insult Islam. But strangely, when Muslims insult other religions, everybody is quiet and no one speaks up,” Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud, the MP for Kota Raja, had told a press conference at the Parliament lobby a day ago.

Alvin and Vivian, who also call themselves Alvivi was previously under online attack for their public blog. The blog then required password to enter (although passwords were given publicly) to give people the direct option to view the photos of the couple having sex and their swinger parties. Alvivi has also attempted v-blog on youtube, getting people on the street to talk about sex titled Sexcussion. Check out the videos page here.

Unfortunately, their facebook page and blog has been removed.

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