rainbowartsproject (RAP) is an artists initiative with the direction of constantly presenting queer culture in Singapore and South East Asia. The project aims to fulfill its mission through exhibitions, documentations and researches.

RAP documents queer culture through online blog, exhibits queer works in public spaces, initiates artworks-based research on queer identities and attempts to revive queer publication in form of zines-catalogues. RAP is currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Started in late 2009, RAP has worked with over 60 artists from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and United States of America. The project has also presented over 20 exhibitions in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sweden.


‘sexual-minorities art’

Leslie and Lohman Gay Art Foundation
’a safe haven for that art which is often excluded from main stream exhibitions and textbooks and looked upon as taboo or less than important or embracing by historians and critics. Indeed, some even try to deny its existence!’

Tom of Finland Foundation
’protect, promote and preserve erotic art’

The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation
’promote the causes he [Mapplethorpe] cared about’, primarily being AIDS and HIV causes.


RAP is very thankful to the following organizations and spaces for the continuous support and collaboration

Porter International
Does Your Mother Know (DYMK) bar
Dahlia Gallery
Utterly Art
Supermarket; Stockholm Independent Art Fair
tocaMe bar
Action For AIDS
PeopleLikeUs (PLU) Hangout Cafe
The Substation
Singapore Contemporary Young Artists

5 responses to “about

  1. Hi, may I know what are the viewing hours for the Tokyo Style: Jiro Art Exhibition at DMYK Ba. Thanks.

  2. Hi there can you advise where can I get a copy of the book “Discosure” by G.L> Eduardo. Thanks

  3. Dear Rainbow Arts Project,

    I really hope this message finds you well. My name is Andrew Diver. I am a graduate student at the University of Cambridge working for a PhD on queer sexualities in China and the Chinese diaspora. I have just spent three months working in San Francisco, hearing the stories of queer people of Chinese descent on the West Coast of the United States, and I have just arrived in Singapore to hopefully continue my research over the next couple of weeks (Singapore being one of my other case studies). It’s my first time in Singapore and I am really excited to be here! Specifically, my project seeks to re-insert people of non-normative sexualities back into histories of migration/immigration, diaspora, and belonging/exclusion — people who have been otherwise ignored and written out from this story in the past.

    You might not be surprised therefore that I wanted to get in touch with
    you. I was wondering if there was any way of getting in touch with you to ask you about this wonderful site? Perhaps you might be able to drop me a line to andrew.diver@cantab.net with your details? As I say, I think the blog is incredible — thank you so much for putting it up and maintaining it so well. I’m really looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Kind regards,

    Andrew Diver

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