RAP is constantly looking for creative individuals, regardless whether he/she practices art full time or simply for hobby. Apart from working with practicing artists, RAP also organizes community art events and exhibition. RAP does not discriminate sexual preferences despite our focus on LGBT-related themes and issues.
if you are interested, do e-mail us at
Click on the underlined artist names for more information and links to their websites or blog.

Aiman Hakim (Singapore)
Alam Taslim (Indonesia)
Andrew Robert Ng (Singapore)
Ash Ida (Japan)
Bayu Angora (Indonesia)
Billy Soh (Singapore)
Brian Gothong-Tan (Singapore)
Bruce LaBruce (Canada)
Bryan Ho (Singapore)
Catherine Erica Cheok (Singapore)
Chan Guang Hui (Singapore)
Chan Wai Teik (Singapore)
Chand Chandramohan (Singapore)
Chaydanai Siriwong (Thailand)
Daniela Beltrani (Italy)
Darius Zheng (Singapore)
Darren Sim (Singapore)
David Chein (Singapore)
Desiree Lau (Singapore)
Dey Irfan Adianto (Indonesia)
Elinore Linden Strand (Sweden)
Ezzam Rahman (Singapore)
Faisal Husni (Singapore)
Farah Ong (Singapore)
Ferry Tan (Indonesia)
Guo Yixiu (Singapore)
Hadi Nugraha (Indonesia)
Hangga Diputra (Indonesia)
Jacquelyn Soo (Singapore)
Jason Lee (Singapore)
Jean Ng (Indonesia)
Jeremy Chu (Singapore)
Jerome Kugan (Malaysia)
Jes Brinch (Denmark)
Jiro (Japan)
Joanathan Lim (Singapore)
Joel Xiang Desheng (Singapore)
Jun Kit (Malaysia)
Justin Lee (Singapore)
Kelvin Atmadibrata (Indonesia)
Kenn Ang (Singapore)
Lee Gwo Yinn (Singapore)
Malisa Suchanya (Singapore)
Malvina Tan (Singapore)
Marcus Mok (Singapore)
Marla Bendini (Singapore)
Matthew Mok (Singapore)
Naresh Subash (Singapore)
Nathan Goh (Singapore)
Norm Yip (Hong Kong)
Pang Khee Teik (Malaysia)
Peenut Kew Lee (Singapore)
Perception3 (Singapore)
Prabu Perdana (Indonesia)
Raj Kumar (Singapore)
Royston Tan (Singapore)
Ryuu Fong (Singapore)
Samuel Woo (Singapore)
Sarah Choo (Singapore)
Shieko (Malaysia)
Tania de Rozario (Singapore)
Tara Tan (Singapore)
Teow Yue Han (Singapore)
Thatree Suksilapachai (Thailand)
Tricia Leong (Singapore)
Wesley Leon Aroozoo (Singapore)
Wilsen William (Indonesia)
Vincent Chow (Malaysia)
Yoash Foldesh (Israel) 

Do check out our lists of artists interviews
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Interview#2: Lee Gwo Yinn
Interview#3: Matthew Mok
Interview#4: Aiman Hakim
Interview#5: Ezzam Rahman
Interview#6: Alam Taslim
Interview#7: Bayu Angora
Interview#8: Malvina Tan
Interview#9: Peenut Kew Lee
Interview#10: G.L. Eduardo
Interview#11: Norm Yip
Interview#12: Jean Ng
Interview#13: Catherine Cheok
Interview#14: Malisa Suchanya
Interview#15: Darren Sim
Interview#16: Bryan Tan
Interview#17: Chris Coles
Interview#18: Marcus Mok
Interview#19: Dey Irfan Adianto
Interview#20: Navitha Edmond
Interview#21: Iman Budi Santosa
Interview#22: Foon Foono
Interview#23: Koh Wei Ling
Interview#24: Hangga Diputra
Interview#25: Yoash Foldesh
Interview#26: Elinore Linden Strand
Interview#27: Jes Brinch

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